Working with Randy was a huge learning experience…this guy knows his stuff”

I started working with Randy from Focus Fitness a few months ago. I have never been a long distance runner, hated the idea of running, and could never get very far in improving my cardio. I came with the focus of improving my VO2 for occupational testing because I knew from previous tests that my VO2 score was far from impressive. I have always been in good shape muscularly with lifting weights since I was about 16 and I thought I was pretty educated when it came to improving a VO2 score or just being in better shape. I was wrong. Working with Randy was a huge learning experience…this guy knows his stuff. Within a few months of following his program and learning how to run more efficiently I started to notice a change like never before. After about three months I ran 10km and felt like I could run 10 more. Things that would wind me in the past I could do with ease. I began to enjoy running, almost became an addiction of sorts. Needless to say I passed my VO2 test with flying colours. The improvement in my fitness level is not one I could of achieved on my own. I have been to every kind of gym Kingston has to offer and I can say with confidence that if your struggling with limited results from working your tail off, come and try this place and you wont be disappointed.

–Eric Donelle

“I knew I was in good hands to help me on my fitness journey.”

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Megan is as a trainer.
I have struggled with my health and weight since my daughter was born (she is now 9 years old), but when I met Megan I knew I was in good hands to help me on my fitness journey. I asked her to help me gain strength in my legs for cycling, and after finishing my last session with her the other day, I am proud to say she did an amazing job.
I rode my new Bike outside last Saturday and I was faster than last year, that’s for sure! I even did my personal best Barbell squat of 120lbs, which Megan said was impressive. I have never done them until Megan incorporated them into my program, so it was a fun. Overall when I told Megan I was up for anything, I think that was motivation for her and it showed that she was able to challenge me, which she did.

Thank you. Focus should be proud to have Megan as a part of your Team.


“As a result of this amazing experience, my training continues.”

I cannot say enough about the Introduction to Triathlon program offered by Focus Fitness. Invited by a good friend to join the program, I enrolled in the course as basically a non-swimmer, infrequent cyclist and runner. Over the course of 16 weeks, coached by a dedicated and talented team , I developed the skills to complete a triathlon at the end of the course. Along this journey , a wonderful sense of camaraderie developed amongst the participants, fuelled by the enthusiasm,support and good humour of the coaching team. As a result of this amazing experience, my training continues with Focus Fitness and I look forward to my next triathlon

–Patti Medora


“Life begins outside your comfort zone!”

Last summer I was looking for a new challenge. I have been running for years but wanted to try something new. Randy suggested the Intro to Tri Training. I had running down but had not been in a pool in over 15 years and didn’t even own a bike. I signed up and haven’t looked back.

The experience was fun, challenging, exhilarating and life changing. Randy and his team of coaches are amazing teachers. I never felt out of place, always encouraged and welcome. Every week learning more about myself and how to swim, run, cycle safely and efficiently. The Sprint Triathlon at the end of the summer was Amazing and Fun. It was not about the time on the clock it was about setting a personal goal and accomplishing it with the support of new friends and excellent coaches. Life begins outside your comfort zone!

–Donna Fitzgerald

“Gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to sign up for, and successfully complete a triathlon!”

Highly recommend “Intro to Tri”. If you have ever thought about a triathlon but not sure where to start, this is the course to take. It was step by step journey with full support along the way. Randy and his team put together a structured schedule tailored to individual ability, in addition to a variety of information sessions and guest speakers. I would have been too intimidated to enter a triathlon without this course, it gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to sign up for, and successfully complete a triathlon! What you learn in this course, opens the door to a multitude of future fitness opportunities.

Thanks Randy and team!”

–Michelle Ferguson

“Thanks to Focus Personal Fitness, I feel (and look) great.”

I have been coming to Focus Fitness twice a week since January 2011. I was about 210 lbs,with a 38 waist, wearing XL & XXL  and terribly out of shape. Climbing stairs one step at a time was a struggle.

Now I’m 170 lbs, 32 waist and medium shirts. I feel so much better and fitter. Friends and neighbors say how trim I look. Thanks to Focus Personal Fitness I feel (and look) great.

–Graham Brooks

“Authentic personal training.”

The trainers are exceptional and there is someone at Focus  who will be a good fit personality-wise.    All of the trainers  are friendly, caring and totally committed to helping the clients achieve their goals.  They are non-judgemental and supportive.

Unlike other gyms which use a “cookie cutter” approach, training is individualized and clients receive instruction in correct techniques and if there is an injury or limitation, programmes are modified. An excellent facility for those wanting authentic personal training.

–Margaret Bell

“I cannot believe the difference.”

I first attended Focus for an assessment because my wife enjoyed it and urged me to try it out. The past two decades or so had seen this former triathlete gain weight, lose flexibility, balance, endurance and general fitness. My “assessment” with Renee showed me graphically how far I had fallen. Now, after nearly two months of three sessions per week with Garth I cannot believe the difference – in all categories. I feel better in every way and although the sessions are very rigorous I look forward to each one. Garth and the entire staff are wonderful. I cannot overstate what a difference Focus personal Fitness has made to me.

–David D.M.C.Walker MD, FRCPC
Professor (Emergency Medicine), School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences;
Professor, School of Policy Studies;
Past Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences;
Director and Chair, University’s 175th Anniversary in 2016;
Queen’s University

“The atmosphere at Focus is different than at most fitness centres.”

I first started at Focus with my goal being simply weight loss. It didn’t take long for me to realize (with Megan’s help) that weight loss is only a small piece of the puzzle. Since starting I have tightened loose skin, gained muscle mass, my energy level has improved and yes I have lost weight.

At Focus, the trainers are committed to helping you reach your goal. They listen to what it is you are trying to achieve and create a program specifically for you. The atmosphere at Focus is different than at most fitness centres – I don’t feel uncomfortable training with others around as there are only a handful of people training at one time – which makes it more personal and less distracting.

I am so glad I came to Focus to help me reach my goals!

–Michele Sonneveld

 “Focuses on exercise that will achieve my objectives.”

I enjoy my sessions at Focus Fitness because my trainer, Laura Breck, is excellent and really focuses on exercise that will achieve my objectives. In addition to this, she teaches me the correct way to do the exercises so that I can do them on my own without injuring myself and she provides me with written prompts to help me remember the exercise.


–Sheila Kingston

 “A wonderful experience for me to gradually find improved balance, posture and movement patterns.”

Jonathan MacCaul is a skilled and versatile personal trainer whose enthusiasm and compassion have helped me persevere through painful times as I heal from long-standing and debilitating myofascial problems.  Jonathan tailors the training sessions to what I need on any given day, drawing on his knowledge of yoga, martial art, Systema, Pilates, mindfulness meditation, Thai yoga massage, and other forms of manual therapy.  It is a wonderful experience for me to gradually find improved balance, posture and movement patterns.  Thank you, Jonathan!



 “He is always at the forefront of effective exercise across many disciplines.”

Jonathan has been one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have known. He is always at the forefront of effective exercise across many disciplines. I’m happy to say that he has helped me lose weight, but more importantly correct my movements to be efficient and safe. If you commit to Jonathan and let him push you, even a little, you will find your goals being met. I would recommend him to people of all athletic levels.

–Caleb Huard